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Waipio Valley Shuttle

Waipio Valley Tours

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Waipio, the land of Curving Water, is one of the scenic wonders of Hawaii. Experience one of the most verdant valleys and wander through the meandering rivers that flow between the taro patches until they lose themselves in the breathtaking surf at the ocean’s edge.

Witness the magnificent waterfalls as they cascade 1,200 feet down to the valley floor. This six-mile valley sits between 2,000 foot high cliffs and offers a mesmerizing view unique to all of Hawaii. Enjoy these marvels on a Waipio Valley shuttle tour.


What a great trip!

After hiking a few other trails we decided to give our feet a rest and take the shuttle down into Waipio Valley. What a great decision this was. Our driver was a blast! He was funny and knew a ton of history about the valley. We even seen the wild horses by one of the streams that run through the valley. Definitely ride with this group!

– Brad B. | Tripadvisor
Enjoyed it!

We really enjoyed our tour with Douglas, our driver. The shuttle gives you a chance to see a very interesting place full of history, natural beauty (including wild horses) and a few off-grid types. The road is rough, narrow and OMG steep - not something you want to take your island rental car down.

– Rich B | Google Reviews
Beautiful and informative

We really enjoyed the ride down into the valley. We would never have been able to do this as a hike! Our guide was so friendly and informative. His family has lived in the valley for generations, and he gave us much insight into this incredibly beautiful place.

– Janet W. | Tripadvisor

Douglas was an absolutely fabulous tour guide. Friendly, personable, knowledgeable--and his love and fondness for his home of Hawaii is obvious and wonderful. It was such fun, and I enjoyed how he told us stories about his family, culture, and the history of the land. If you can, take the 9am tour--it's great. ;-) Plus--the scenery is totally "sick", man. seriously. book this tour. it's worth every penny.

– Mranda W | Google Reviews
Better than expected!

I honestly didn’t have high expectations of a van tour of the valley, but this ended up being a really wonderful experience. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. There were some “traffic” issues (see photos) that really made the trip extra special! Views were gorgeous and it was an overall lovely time!

– Heather O. | Tripadvisor
The coolest tour of my life!

Worth every penny as we went to one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been to! The culture and sights in Waipio are so unique that having a local guide to explain the significance of the valley was worth the price. Such a cool place to go!

– Sean S | Google Reviews
A must visit on Big island!

Waipio valley according to me is a must visit spot on Big island. Awestruck by its beauty of course. Captured great pictures. Our tour guide was Douglas, he is a funny and knowledgable guy. He entertained us very well. Don't miss going to the valley if you are planning to visit Big island.

– Mounica K. | Tripadvisor

We took the tour on February 8, 2020 and it was so worth it! We really enjoyed the ride into the valley, waterfalls, river crossings, taro fields, and many wild horses. It was wonderful, magical and memorable. The driver and narrator was young man from the valley - don't recall his name.

– Chanchal C | Google Reviews