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About Us

We are the original tour company going back to the 1970s. You will feel welcomed visiting Waipi’o on  our guided tours. Our specialized vans and entire staff will provide a memorable experience of the most sacred place in all of Hawaii.

Waipio, the land of Curving Water, is one of the scenic wonders of Hawaii. Experience one of the most verdant valleys and wander through the meandering rivers that flow between the taro patches until they lose themselves in the breathtaking surf at the ocean’s edge.

Witness the magnificent waterfalls as they cascade 1,200 feet down to the valley floor. This six mile valley sits between 2,000 foot high cliffs and offers a mesmerizing view unique to all Hawaii.

Waipio Valley once housed the kings of ancient Hawaii and served as a retreat for Hawaiian royalty. It is for this reason that the valley was bestowed with the nickname “The Valley of the Kings”.

When Waipio was discovered in 1823, the valley was adorned with taro patches, banana trees, fish ponds, several heiau and a place of refuge, Pakaalana. There were nearly 1,500 residents who farmed the land and leisurely activities included fishing, swimming, and coordinating celebrations (luaus). By the 1900’s, this close-knot community consisted of a few homes , schools, stores, restaurants, a hotel, a post office, jails, billiard halls, and churches.

It is also a sacred and historical site where Kamehameha the Great received custody of Kukailimoku, the war god of the kings of Hawaii. At Waipio, Kamehameha engaged in the first naval battle in Hawaiian history and began his conquest and his reign over the islands lasting until his death in 1819.

A few residents continue to operate taro farms in the pastoral valley and horses roam freely amongst the fresh water rivers, lotus ponds, flora, fruit trees and sandy beach.

Partake in this memorable adventure in one of nature’s wonders and journey back in time into the island’s history.